Charleston: A City of History and Adventure

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by Shreya Chaudhari 

This post was originally posted on Luxury Belle

Hi BGs! So, I was just in the beautiful and historic city of Charleston. It’s a place where something caught my attention at every corner I turned!

Charleston is a city that is best explored on foot because you just might miss out on some scenic site-seeing if you move too fast. Aside from it’s impeccable beauty and hospitality, there’s more good news for all my BGs that LOVE warm weather!

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In my time there it was SUPER hot so if you will be traveling in the summer time, load up on hats, sunglasses and SPF! It’s the perfect destination to explore and also channel your inner summer-time fashionista, trust me!

There are mainly two types of activities that you indulge in when you’re on vacation- adventure and eating! So before I provide a list of places to see, let’s just talk about some restaurants I recommend eating at:

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And, now for some places to explore and learn of the history that Charleston is comprised of. Some places I recommend visiting include:

To top off your reading experience, here are a few pictures from my trip that will definitely convince you to go visit the city yourself!

Disclaimer: The pictures don’t do justice to the actual location. So please, add it to your list of cities to see!

[A colorful view of the streets in the city of Charleston.]

[Beautiful buildings like the one above are a treat to the eyes for every tourist.]

[A glimpse at one of the decadent desserts I tried while in the city. Guilty pleasures!]

Shreya Chaudhari is a Boston based blogger. Her blog, Luxury Belle, is about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Along with being a blogger, she is also a full-time student striving for a career in the Healthcare field. When she is not blogging or studying, she loves to travel, shop, meet new people, and spend quality time with her family and friends.

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